Jackie Earle Freddy Mickey Kreuger Rourke in New ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ Clip


The image to the right comes from the new “Entertainment Weekly” courtesy of Bloody Disgusting and I just can’t help but look at that face and see Mickey Rourke staring back at me even though it’s Jackie Earle Haley inches deep in rubber and adhesive as the new Freddy Kreuger.

I mention this only as an aside, as Yahoo has debuted the first clip from the upcoming remake A Nightmare on Elm Street, which hits theaters in only a couple of weeks on April 30. The film is directed by Samuel Bayer and brings Freddy back to life to haunt the dreams of a new batch of suburban teenagers based on the ’80s horror franchise spawned by Wes Craven.

The 1984 original was just released on Blu-ray today as well was a new slimmed down box set of the complete Nightmare franchise. I commented on the new Blu-ray transfer and audio in my This Week On DVD and Blu-ray column if you are interested and here is a link to check prices at Amazon if you are so inclined.

Finally, along with the clip below, you can find a new UK poster for Nightmare on Elm Street courtesy of Empire Online. For even more on the film, including the RopeofSilicon gallery of 20 images click here.

Photo: Warner Bros. courtesy of Empire Online