Corbijn Locks ‘The American,’ Will It Screen at Cannes?

George Clooney crossing the townsquare in Castel del Monte
Photo: Anton Corbijn

Anton Corbijn blogged on March 25 saying The American is locked for test screenings and then quickly asks, “What the hell is a ‘test screening’ exactly?” Welcome to the United States Anton where your film isn’t good until a random group of people tell you they understand and like it. Based on a March 30 post it appears he’s already screened the film, but no word on how that went.

I am expecting The American, which stars George Clooney as an assassin who vows his next mission will be his last, will be among the list of films screening at the Cannes Film Festival when they are announced on April 15. The film is already set for a September 1, 2010 release.

I included The American in almost a year ago.

You can read a few more words and check out some additional photos from the set of The American at Corbijn’s blog right here.