This Week On DVD and Blu-ray: February 9, 2010

Bronson made my my “A” review, they all loved Tom Hardy in the lead role. Be sure to check this one out.
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A Serious Man
The Coen brothers’ latest film also made reviewed the Blu-ray edition. My opinion says buy it, but you may want to give my review a read if you are on the fence.
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The Time Traveler’s Wife
I actually don’t mind this movie all that much. When it comes to schmaltzy melodramas some can be overbearing and some can actually work… for the most part this one falls into the latter category. This one drew some negativity for the rather creepy idea of a grown man appearing naked in the woods in front of a young girl and then falling in love with her, but if you’re able to get over that you should be alright. And considering we are talking about a film where a guy can travel through time shouldn’t you already be ready for absurd ideas in the first place?

I gave the film a “C+” in my theatrical review, which says give it a rent. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend you buy it though.

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The Stepfather
I just finished watching this not more than ten minutes ago and it isn’t terrible, but if you watch the following video you’ll get an idea of what kind of scares your in for and click here for yet another horror cliche it relies on.

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Couples Retreat
I did not mind this movie as much as most every other critic out there, but I will say it has one of the worst third acts out there. Again, a rental won’t hurt, but a purchase certainly will. You worked way too hard to earn that money, don’t waste it on this title.
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Good Hair
Solid movie right here, but it’s probably more of a rental than a purchase considering I can’t see you watching it more than once. To that point, be sure to rent it before either The Time Traveler’s Wife or Couples Retreat.
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