Cruz and Hudson: The Ladies of ‘Nine’ Sing a Little Song


Late last week two clips from a personally anticipated film found their way online featuring the vocal stylings of Penelope Cruz and Kate Hudson as Carla and Stephanie respectively in Rob Marshall’s musical adaptation Nine and it has the Internet buzzing.

There are two questions that come into play for both actresses; 1) Can they sing? 2) Can their singing earn them an Oscar nomination?

The junket for Nine was held over the weekend and journalists that saw the film were asked “to pledge (or sign statements) that they won’t write about it until the embargo-release date in early December.” I guess this will help with my jealousy as this is a film I have been waiting to see basically since it was announced back in 2007.

However, with all my anticipation I still managed to avoid watching the two previously mentioned clips and so I will now ask you to enlighten me with your comments. Do Cruz and Hudson have what it takes to not only carry a tune, but perhaps have their names tossed around the Oscar pool? Of course, the clips are short and only featuring a little bit of singing, but for the sake of argument have some fun and work with me here….

The clips are below and you can get more information, pics and trailer for Nine right here. The film is set to hit theaters on December 18.

Penelope Sings “A Call from the Vatican”Kate Sings “Cinema Italiano”