‘Man on Wire’ Helmer Has Found Some ‘Vatican Tapes’

James Marsh directed the 2008 documentary Man On Wire, a film that still holds a 100% rating at RottenTomatoes, which is something of an anomaly considering the ability to get everyone to agree on a film is damn near impossible. Now, Marsh has chosen his next feature in which he will pull a complete 180, divorcing himself from a legitimate documentary and enter the world of found footage mockumentaries.

The Hollywood Reporter brings word Marsh will direct The Vatican Tapes which will center on a series of events that unfold after a tape gets leaked from the Vatican displaying an exorcism that goes wrong. Chris Borrelli, co-writer of the upcoming direct-to-video release The Marine 2, penned the script based on a story by Borrelli and Chris Morgan (Wanted, Fast and Furious).

The film is set up at Lionsgate and Lakeshore and is obviously hoping to follow the wave created by Paranormal Activity and you have to wonder just how many other films will attempt to follow suit.


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