Trailer for the Coen’s ‘A Serious Man’ Arrives in Head Bashing Fashion

Photo: Focus Features

I am having an impossible go at trying to keep up with all the new media tonight as yet another trailer, and perhaps the most interesting of the bunch has just found its way online with the debut of the trailer for the Coen brothers’ A Serious Man.

Currently set for an October 2 release date and a world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), A Serious Man stars a cast of unknown actors and tells the story of an ordinary man’s search for clarity in a universe where Jefferson Airplane is on the radio and F-Troop is on TV.

Jeff Wells at Hollywood Elsewhere recently described it as the Coens’ “‘Jews in Minnesota’ period comedy” adding he has heard “the lack of star names will not be a problem.” Although, early speculation does have one “known” actor, Richard Kind, as a potential candidate for a supporting actor nom even though the only look at him in the trailer is the quick glimpse I captured above.

Check out the trailer below or head over to Apple for the high definiton version. And remember to keep tabs on A Serious Man in the RopeofSilicon “The Contenders” section as we look forward to the 2010 Oscars.