Oscar Contender Assets: ‘Brothers’ and ‘An Education’ Posters and Clip


I only have one more piece of coding detail left to do and the RopeofSilicon 2010 “The Contenders” section will open up and two of the titles featured in that section have just enjoyed a couple of online updates.

First off we have the poster for An Education as well as a clip featuring the much talked about performance of Carey Mulligan as Jenny, a teenage girl living in Britain in the early 1960s on the cusp of the strait-laced, post-war period and the free-spirited decade to come. Along with Mulligan the film stars Peter Sarsgaard, Alfred Molina, Emma Thompson, Dominic Cooper and Rosamund Pike.

Based on buzz it would seem Mulligan is a definite contender for a Best Actress nomination and others whom have seen the film are applauding the work of Molina and most recently In Contention mentioned Pike’s performance. One thing is for certain, it’s nice to see Rosamund Pike in real movies where she belongs and hopefully to never be seen again in something as bad as Doom and I felt even Fracture was a step down even though she was surrounded by talent in that film.

So, you’ve probably already seen the clip montage just above and if not, give it a watch. It doesn’t spoil the film and actually just gives you enough of a taste to know what the film is about and why people are talking about Mulligan. And next we have the poster, which debuted at Movie City News.

Photo: Sony Classics via Movie City News

An Education is set for an October 9 release from Sony Classics.

Next is the poster for Brothers, which is directed by Jim Sheridan and stars Natalie Portman, Jake Gyllenhaal and Tobey Maguire. Brothers has taken a while to get to the big screen but is finally set for a release on December 4 from Lionsgate. Just below is the poster followed by the film’s trailer.

Photo: Lionsgate