TV Review: Tonight’s ‘True Blood’, Episode 2.02 ‘Keep This Party Going’

Photo: HBO

I read several comments around the Internet with people saying how the first episode of the second season of “True Blood” was a bit of a disappointment, but if you read my review you would have known the first episode sets up something of a four episode story arc with the following episodes adding much more to the action side of things.

This week we move on to episode 2.02, “Keep This Party Going” I have to first ask how happy you were to see Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) wasn’t the one dead in the back of Detective Bellefleur’s (Chris Bauer) car? For those of you that enjoyed seeing Lafayette alive, yet not well living in Eric’s (Alexander SkarsgÃ¥rd) dungeon, you get plenty more of his story in this one. As a matter of fact, contemplate on the thought of Lafayette as a vampire… What? Not saying anymore…

Eric’s involvement doesn’t stop there as he sets out to solve the mystery behind the disappearance of a powerful vampire in Texas. He wants Sookie’s help, but will Bill allow him to take her?

Meanwhile, Jason Stackhouse (Ryan Kwanten) is shipping off to The Light of Day Leadership Conference where he gets his Ring of Honesty made of silver, plays a little capture the flag, giving him the chance to take his shirt off for the ladies, and meets the man likely to become a season long nemesis in Luke MacDonald (Wes Brown). When the two meet Luke tells him his last name is “no relation to the restaurant” to which Jason proves his stupidity asking, “Any relation to the farm?” Jason is just keeping it real.

Sookie’s storyline involves getting to know newly born vampire Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) a little more and what transpires between the two causes Bill a little bit of stress, which is putting it very mildly. It leads up to a mild cliffhanger, while not actually alluding to one of the better parts of episode three, which was teased in the Paley Festival Clip back in April. To go along with all of that, Jason gets in the spirit of things leading Luke to ask if he’s trying to be some “Muslim Buffy with a dick” and Maryann (Michelle Forbes) gets the patrons at Merlotte’s feeling a little… ornery.

Oh, and not to reveal any spoilers, but one of the show’s main characters gets shot this week… Which one? I will not say.

A strange little phenomenon has apparently also started surrounding the singing of Amanda Jane (Molly Burnett) and her band, the God Rockets, who give a little performance at The Light of Day Leadership Conference with “Jesus Asked Me Out Today.” You can watch that clip from this episode to the right and you can buy it exclusively on iTunes as part of the soundtrack’s iTunes Bundle called “True Blood: Music from the HBO Series” (get it here).

So watch the episode and come back and let us all in on your thoughts on how it turned out and how you think the second season is going so far. Having seen the first four episodes already I am 100% on board and am anxious to see how the rest of you think it is going.

“True Blood” airs on HBO on Sunday nights at 9PM.


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