Chevy Chase Joins the Time Traveling ‘Hot Tub’

Are you a Chevy Chase fan? If so you may be interested in catching Fletch on Blu-ray next week or you may be interested to know he has just joined the cast of Hot Tub Time Machine for director Steve Pink and United Artists.

Chase joins a cast top-lined by John Cusack and Rob Corddry in a film that follows a bunch of unsatisfied guys who get thrown back to their younger days in 1987 via their Jacuzzi. Chase plays a mysterious repairman who dispenses pearls of wisdom and may or may not be behind the metaphysical road trip. The film is shooting in Vancouver and is scheduled for a February 26, 2010 release.

Jay A. Fernandez at The Hollywood Reporter is saying this is part of a perceived Chase comeback thanks to a recent story arc Chase was involved in on NBC’s “Chuck” and his casting in the Polish brothers’ film Stay Cool, but to say this is any sort of a comeback seems like a major stretch.

However, after mentioning the Fletch Blu-ray at the top of this post, THR also mentions Chase is considering a return to the investigative reporter Irwin “Fletch” Fletcher in a relaunch of the franchise that at one point involved Kevin Smith and was rumored to have Zach Braff aboard as a new Fletch. It seems the same story is still being batted around Hollywood as Fernandez says the current screenplay’s approach passes the baton to Fletch’s journalist nephew as the semi-retired uncle advises him on his stories.


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