Goodman Joins Bloom and Cassel in ‘The Cross’


This is hardly big news, but Andrew Niccol’s The Cross interests me merely on the cast he has lined up alone, and with that in mind any opportunity to mention it is seen as a good thing. This time around it is a small bit of casting news from Variety telling us John Goodman is in advanced talks to join the cast of the sci-fi film which will begin shooting in mid-September in Australia and is scheduled for a May 2010 theatrical release. Goodman joins a cast made up of Orlando Bloom, Vincent Cassel and Olga Kurylenko.

The Cross is set in a border town the film is set in the near future. Bloom plays a man seeking to cross a mysterious border, something no one else has achieved; Cassel will play the sentry who wants to stop him.

Unfortunately details on Goodman’s role are not mentioned.

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