New TV Spots and Character Posters from ‘Public Enemies’

Over the past few days the marketing for Michael Mann’s Public Enemies has ramped up a bit and I felt I may as well share the assets since I am sure, like me, many of you are looking forward to this one.

Public Enemies stars Johnny Depp as the legendary Depression-era outlaw John Dillinger, the charismatic bank robber whose lightning raids made him the number one target of J. Edgar Hoover’s fledgling FBI and its top agent, Melvin Purvis (Christian Bale), and a folk hero to much of the downtrodden public.

Along with Depp and Bale the film stars Marion Cotillard, Giovanni Ribisi, Billy Crudup, Stephen Dorff, Rory Cochrane, Stephen Lang, David Wenham, Stephen Graham, Channing Tatum and Jason Clarke with a release date of July 1 in the not-so-distant future.

Featured below are two new TV spots that have shown up over at Trailer Addict followed by three character posters (via IMPAwards) featuring Christian Bale, Marion Cotillard and, of course, Johnny Depp.

Enjoy, and for more information, pics and trailer from the film click here.

Photo: Universal Pictures
Photo: Universal Pictures
Photo: Universal Pictures


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