Flagship Films Banks on Van Damme and Vinnie Jones for Their Debut

What a strange story, no offense to either Jean-Claude Van Damme or Vinnie Jones, both are highly enjoyable action film actors, but when Variety says those are the two names Flagship Films has recruited to star in the first film the virgin studio will produce you have to wonder just what kind of business they are looking to get into.

The film is titled Weapon and will be directed by Resident Evil: Extinction helmer Russell Mulcahy. The film centers on Derek Chase (Van Damme) and Jack Conway (Jones), the world’s most talented assassins. Story follows the two as they join forces to take down the head of a DEA-backed drug cartel.

I am sure many will write this story up as did Variety‘s Sam Thielman citing Mulcahy’s big directorial outing as Highlander, but looking all the way back to 1986 for a film some may find some kind of interest in is a real stretch. And Van Damme is far from being a big ticket draw and I am not even sure you could do a blind poll on a street corner and find 1 out of 50 people who actually know who Vinnie Jones is without dropping Snatch or Lock, Stock hints. I love the guy, but if I am starting a production company this isn’t the trio I would exactly turn to and expect blockbuster success. That is, unless I am looking for silver disc sales, a home where Van Damme has made his living for about the last ten years then I would say this one looks solid.


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