Marisa Tomei Hates Food and Liv Tyler is a Chef

I haven’t seen Chul-soo Park’s 1995 original feature 301/302, but the premise sounds a little silly as Marisa Tomei and Liv Tyler have signed on to star in the director’s attempt to bring his South Korean original to America with an English adaptation that goes wild with the title — 10A/10B.

The film is described as a psychological thriller that will explore the relationship and consequences that result when a culinary perfectionist, portrayed by Tyler, and an actress with a failing career, played by Tomei, become neighbors in a loft apartment building.

I’m not sure if how close it will stick to the original when it comes to the differences between the two neighbors, but the Netflix plot description gave me a laugh when it says, “Song-Hee likes to cook, and Yun-hee hates food. And so begins a strange friendship that attracts scrutiny when one of them disappears.” I just don’t see how that can attract scrutiny. I also have to believe Yun-hee must hate life considering food is sort of a necessity.

Christopher Mallick’s Oxymoron Entertainment is financing the film which will begin filming in Los Angeles on June 1.


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