Hugh Jackman Takes Up Residence in ‘Ghostopolis’

The Hollywood Reporter tells us Hugh Jackman has found his next feature role following this weekend’s blockbuster success of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. While Jackman will lend his voice to Zack Snyder’s animated film Guardians of Ga’Hoole, it appears Ghostopolis may be his next feature film.

I say “may be” because there is no writer and no director for the Disney based feature, which centers on a man who works for the government’s Supernatural Immigration Task Force. His job is to send ghosts who have escaped into our world back to Ghostopolis. When a living boy accidentally is sent to the other side, the agent must team with a female ghost (and former flame) to bring him back.

The film is based on an upcoming graphic novel from Doug TenNapel and Jackman will produce the feature through his Seed Prods.

I can’t help but believe Jackman is about to become a hot commodity and studios are going to soon be vying hard for his involvement in their films. An interesting fact I read this weekend at the Los Angeles Times said 47% of the American audience for this past weekend’s release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine were made up of women. While I know women do enjoy superhero movies as 48% of the audience for The Dark Knight was made up of women — some of that was attributed to the Heath Ledger factor and much of it should be attributed to the fact it is simply a great film, but what about Wolverine? I call this the “Hugh Jackman Factor” as I twittered last night and the “Jackman Factor” is something studios may soon be placing their faith in… I know I certainly would.

Give the ladies what they want… that’s my motto.


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