Mikkelsen and Davalos are the Latest to Join ‘Clash of the Titans’


The Clash of the Titans remake has snagged another recent Bond veteran, following word Quantum of Solace co-star Gemma Arterton had joined the cast earlier this week, we now learn Casino Royale baddie Mads Mikkelsen has also joined the cast along with Alexa Davalos whom some may remember as Kyra from The Chronicles of Riddick.

Sam Worthington is toplining the Greek-god epic for director Louis Letterier (The Incredible Hulk) which follows Perseus and his quest to battle both Medusa and the Kraken monster in order to save the Princess Andromeda. Matt Manfredi and Phil Hay wrote the script.

Mikkelsen is playing Draco, a skilled fighter and leader of the Praetorian Guard that accompanies Perseus. Davalos is Andromeda, the captured princess, and Arterton is Io, who is instrumental in bringing the winged horse Pegasus to Perseus and Arterton was quoted saying Io and Perseus “fall in love” in the film.

Warner Bros. has already set a March 26, 2010 release date and if you haven’t seen the 1981 original I definitely recommend you give it a watch, it was one of my favorites growing up and it is available on Netflix Instant Play.

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