‘G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra’ Super Bowl Spot Debuts Online

ComingSoon.net has debuted the Super Bowl Trailer for G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra in Flash and QuickTime high definition formats a day before the big game in what I can only assume to be the fact Paramount doesn’t think the target audience for this film will be watching an interesting matchup on Sunday afternoon.

I didn’t watch the trailer and personally I am going to begin making an effort to never see another movie trailer before seeing a movie again. Obviously it isn’t going to be an easy task since I will be watching the Super Bowl tomorrow and will have to rely on pausing the game once it heads into commercial, but that’s for me to worry about. However, I did find one comment at Coming Soon related to the trailer quite funny. Neopoko says, “Ok…This could be fun…I just hope that this doesn’t wreck my childhood memories…” Do people seriously have fond childhood memories of G.I. Joe, so much that a movie could ruin them?

I have added the trailer below in Flash, but if you prefer high definition you can download it from ComingSoon right here. We also have a gallery of 17 images from the film right here if you haven’t seen them yet.


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