‘Watchmen,’ Aliens, ‘Fanboys,’ ‘Horsemen,’ Tony Jaa and Much More

If you haven’t been keeping track of the updated RopeofSilicon Trailer Homepage there is no better time than right now as I have just added two brand new TV spots from Watchmen, the first trailer for Lionsgate’s The Horsemen, the trailer for Tony Jaa’s Ong Bak 2, a Curious Case of Benjamin Button featurette, a clip from Fanboys, the trailer for Alien Trespass and the teaser trailer for Fox Searchlight’s upcoming romance 500 Days of Summer. Suffice to say, I have enough to keep you busy during your lunch break.

To get you started I offer up a sampler. First, the trailer for 500 Days of Summer, the Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt starrer from Fox Searchlight that debuted at Sundance. The film is set for a July 24 release and has been quite well received so far. The other is the latest TV spot from Watchmen, which gives the fans of the graphic novel a lot to love and should excite the unfamiliar as well.

You can watch those two below and click here to get the rest.

500 Days of Summer – Teaser Trailer

Watchmen – TV Spot #2


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