‘Yes Man 2’ Already Getting Greenlight?


I haven’t seen Yes Man yet (seeing it next Monday), but a WB insider has just emailed in after an early exec screening on the WB lot went very well and has already sparked a lot of interest in a sequel to the film in which Jim Carrey plays a man who decides to say “Yes” to everything. Beware, there are spoilers for the ending of Yes Man in the following scoop:

Hey there, just got word that an early WB screening went very well and everyone at Warner is very excited for this flick. So excited they have apparently put together an idea for the sequel. I was in the screening and Jim Carrey was there too and he was part of the pitch along with screenwriter Nicholas Stoller and director Peyton Reed who all seemed really excited about their idea.

At the end of Yes Man Jim Carrey’s character is told to kill himself sort of like a dare, but the person that tells him doesn’t know he is saying “Yes” to everything so when Jim steps in front of a bus and dies it is really shocking but also really funny. I mean, the whole movie is funny because he says yes to everything, even like drinking a bunch of Red Bull, which is really funny because he talks really fast just like when people drink a lot of Red Bull. He also does a bunch of things like guitar lessons and stuff. But when he says yes to killing himself and you think the movie is over you have to wait until after the credits because there is still like 10 minutes of the movie as well as a trailer for Magneto and a special appearance by Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, which was like OMG kewl.

So anyway, in the scene after the credits Jim Carrey goes to heaven and he’s like tripping and stumbling and EVERYONE is laughing because tripping and stumbling is HI-LARIOUS and he meets God, which is played by… you guessed it! Morgan Freeman!!!!!! So God asks him to do something (i can’t remember what it was) and he waits for a minute and everyone thinks he’s gonna say yes, but he yells, “NO!!!!” God hits a button and Jim drops down a long dark tunnel and lands in this really dark chamber and you see the Devil! The Devil then asks him to do something and he again yells, “NO!!!!” but this time the Devil doesn’t do the button/tube thing… instead he says, “You must go back to Earth and bring about terror and destruction in my name!” He doesn’t give him a chance to say no or yes or anything and just *poof* he’s on Earth. He lands in a diner and you can hear a TV broadcast in the background and you are never gonna believe this… but it’s Evan Baxter from Bruce Almighty! Then it goes black and the Wonder Woman trailer plays and everyone almost peed themselves because of who is playing Wonder Woman… she is sooooo hot and stuff.

Anyway, then they talked about what Yes Man 2 is gonna be about and they said it’s gonna be Carl Allen (Jim Carrey in Yes Man) terrorizing Bruce Nolan (Jim Carrey from Bruce Almighty) in a religious battle where Jim will play both characters. It’s gonna be awesome. I told them they should get Steven Spielberg to direct it because that would be awesome.

If you use this post call me WBinsider1984 and trust me I am a VERY legitimate source. i think the name says it all.

Wow, don’t see that happening…

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