Canadian Filmmaker Writes a Murder Movie Script and Carries It Out


A crazy bit of news just crossed the wire via saying Canadian filmmaker Mark Twitchell, 29, was charged Saturday with the first-degree murder of Johnny Altinger in what police believe is a case of life imitating art. He is set to appear in court today, Monday, November 3.

Apparently police seized a script for a film called House of Cards written by Twitchell about a killer who lured a man to his death, which is incredibly similar to how Twitchell allegedly lured Altinger on October 10 to a garage where he made movies on the promise of a date with a woman he had met online. Twitchell’s “film was about luring a fellow from the Internet, duct-taping him to a chair, killing him and cutting him,” Detective Mark Anstey of the Edmonton Police Service said.

“Mr. Altinger had e-mailed a friend the directions where he was told to go to and the friend kept that e-mail and that’s the only reason we found that garage,” Detective Anstey told public broadcaster CBC.

The police have not yet found the body and are apparently looking for a second man believed to have escaped from the garage a week before Altinger went missing. Witnesses told police he was attacked by a man in a hockey mask as he fled.

Twitchell’s filmography on IMDB says he wrote, directed, acted and produced a film called Star Wars: Secrets of the Rebellion. The plot synopsis as apparently written by Twitchell reads as:

The last Jedi left in the galaxy assists the growing rebel insurgence in stealing the technical readout of the Death Star and attempts to keep them hidden from the Empire long enough to get them to their destination. Meanwhile Han Solo and his wookie co-pilot Chewbacca, return to the asteroid planet of Kessel to smuggle spice through the Kessel run and make a name for themselves as record breakers.

You can get more on the film here and there is plenty more on the murder right here.

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