A Gallon of New Pictures of ‘Milk’

Josh Brolin as Dan White and Sean Penn as Harvey Milk in Milk
Photo: Focus Features

Focus has just released a whole slew of new pics from their upcoming Oscar Contender Milk starring Sean Penn as Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man elected into major public office in America.

The film is earning a lot of early buzz thanks to its fantastic trailer and I am expecting a lot more to come down the pike as a group of New York press saw the flick last night and several more are probably just getting out of a screening down in San Francisco as I type this article out. I was actually supposed to see it last week before it got cancelled and now won’t see it until next Thursday, Nov. 11, but I can wait, even though it may be hard should it be as good as I expect it to be.

Penn is obviously getting early buzz for Best Actor despite his disdain for the Academy and Josh Brolin and James Franco are also earning buzz for Supporting Actor.

The film hits theaters on November 26, but you can check out 27 new pics from the flick by clicking here, on either of the pics in this article or on any of the thumbs below.

James Franco as Harvey Milk’s lover Scott Smith in Milk
Photo: Focus Features