Box-Office Wrap-Up: Oct. 17 – Oct. 19, 2008

A couple of surprises this weekend, let’s get right into it.
#1 movie predicted correctly: 1 Week In A Row
Nice prediction, right? And the production budget was only $35m so they’re setting themselves up nicely for that unrrated DVD. I would have liked this film if only Wahlberg would have enjoyed the company of Olga Kurylenko a bit more. It’s all about realism with me.
Result: 18.0 million (My rank: #1, $0.1m off)
Two films, a hundred K off on each. The issue was that no one wanted to see W.. At all.
Result: 11.2 million (My rank: #3, $0.1m off)
A legitimate shocker. The family dollar comes through again, and the budget was only $11m. Most of that was spent on southern looking porch swings.
Result: 11.0 million (My rank: #8, $6.7m off)
4. W.
Can you blame people for not seeing this? It’s like being involved in a terrible relationship and being invited to her sex tape party… that you weren’t in.
Result: 10.5 million (My rank: #2, $.7m off)
It will crack $100m this week. I think I said DJ Caruso was done a few weekends ago – I now retract that statement.
Result: 7.3 million (My rank: #7, $1.0m off)
I saw an ad for Zack and Miri Make a Porno but they only called it Zack and Miri. That’s where we’re at as a community.
Result: 6.8 million (My rank: #6, $0.1m off)
I’m watching Sarah Palin on SNL right now and it’s blowing my mind. I mean, I’m happy people have a sense of humor – but they shot a MOOSE in front of her?? I’m uncomfortable all over my body.
Result: 6.3 million (My rank: #5, $1.3m off)
$26m on a budget of $10m. It’s the Kevin Smith method – low budget films with heart that make dollars.
Result: 3.9 million (My rank: #9, $.4m off)
Ouch. Looks like the 4th “teen romp comedy” was one too many. It was cool in the ’90s. It’s not cool now.
Result: 3.5 million (My rank: #4, $3.8m off)
I had The Express here. It managed a healthy 12th place finish for me. Thanks Dennis Quaid!
Result: 2.6 million (My rank: Not Ranked)