TV Review: Tonight’s ‘True Blood’, Episode 1.05 ‘Sparks Fly Out’

Photo: HBO

Unfortunately it appears the fourth episode of “True Blood” was not much of a sign of what was to come. Just as the show started to get interesting it devolves into the most boring episode to date in episode five “Sparks Fly Out”, a title dedicated more to the show’s focus on the use of vampire blood as a drug rather than what it was truly about. I hardly even took any notes as I watched because there wasn’t much to talk about. This episode does, however, give us more insight into how Bill came to be who he is, including the scene of his vampire birth.

The episode begins with Sookie and Bill getting in a fight following the altercation Bill had with the police officer toward the end of the fourth episode. The fight ends with Bill saying, “I won’t call on you again.” If television history teaches us anything we know it’s not true and just a plot device, but we’ll wait and see.

One thing the episode does call on, are the early roots of Bill Compton and how he became a vampire. It begins with Bill speaking at the “Descendents of the Glorious Dead” meeting held by Sookie’s grandmother and is ultimately attended by the majority of the small town’s population. A few questions are asked as Bill gives a mini Civil War recap along with a story of one of the town member’s grandparents. It’s not particularly interesting, but it does show a slightly more elevated town acceptance of Bill’s residence, even to the point that one town member decides to give Tru Blood a taste.

The elevated prejudices from the fourth episode are nowhere near as prominent, but the use of vampire blood continues and is the second story to Bill’s past as Jason gives it a second try, which leads a little side of the bar, garbage sex romp that should give you more of a laugh than any kind of other emotional response.

The first 45 minutes of the episode serve as a set up for the final ten which involve a look at how Bill became a vampire and an episode ending cliffhanger I pray is not a dream or some psyche out since it would really cheapen the moment because it will certainly have you tuning in for episode six.

I, however, am not sure if I will be able to bring you an episode six review since HBO has not yet sent me any screeners beyond this fifth episode. I will keep at ’em but we’ll have to wait and see. “True Blood” airs tonight on HBO at 9 PM.