Box-Office Oracle: Oct. 3 – Oct. 5, 2008

#1 movie predicted correctly: 2 Weeks in a Row
It’s not very good. But it is for kids, and kids will win the weekend. Why? They’re louder. And whinier. And they won’t be quiet unless you take them to this and then give them a dog.
Estimate: $23.5 million
I can’t knock it too much because it is entertaining. Logical? Nope. But kid Shia has done it again. Too bad he’s not a voice in Chihuahua too.
Estimate: $15.0 million
This is an impossible movie to predict because it’s meant for the fickle teen crowd. Families you can predict. Adult males too. But teen girls? Forget it.
Estimate: $11.5 million
B-Luv already crushed the “boycott” of Blindness. It’s hard not to wonder what is wrong with people these days, isn’t it? With only 1700 theaters this won’t make a dent this weekend, regardless of the noise.
Estimate: $7.6 million
Generally religious films don’t drop off like non-religious ones in the second weekend. My theory is they are slower to head to the theater initially but more responsive to word of mouth from fellow religious folk.
Estimate: $6.5 million
Colbert has been hammering this film hard. He pokes fun of it nightly. And you sort of have to hand it to them – it definitely looks like something you’d want to ridicule.
Estimate: $6.3 million
I’m giving it Yuma dollars. I don’t remember that one having huge buzz either, but westerns have a built-in audience, just like horror.
Estimate: $5.7 million
16 new movies release next weekend. Can you say “dumping ground?” Only 1750 theaters here too. Sorry fellas.
Estimate: $5.3 million
Only people who really hate themselves will be catching this one this weekend. Why would anyone satirize Michael Moore? His films make like $50.
Estimate: $3.8 million
My eleven pick is Lakeview Terrace. That’s a bonus for ya.
Estimate: $3.4 million