‘Dark Knight’ Runtime Hits 152 Minutes?


I know I give fanboys a hard time, but I think it is impossible to be a fan of movies and not be excited for The Dark Knight. I am still yet to watch a single trailer outside of the voice over teaser trailer and it remains my most anticipated film of the summer as I am sure it is for many of you.

Today, Jeff Wells at Hollywood Elsewhere is reporting from a non-USA exhibition source that The Dark Knight‘s running time has been confirmed at 152 minutes. Non-US or not, I doubt there will be longer cuts internationally, so I can only assume the US version will be the same length.

As long as the film is good I don’t mind a long running time whatsoever, but I think there is one thing to take into consideration and that is what happened to the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels as they rolled out. Yeah, they went bigger, but they also went longer and became rather self-indulgent. And speaking of self-indulgence check out this quote from one of Wells’s commenters regarding this news:

“In the 1950s and early ’60s we had long, self-important movies about Jesus. In the 21st Century we have long, self-important movies about Batman.”

An interesting perspective…

In related news here is a new trailer that is apparently an alternate trailer that appeared on something called Gotham Cable News on Comcast On Demand:

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