Dale Earnhardt Biopic in the Works

It is hard to believe it was seven years ago that Dale Earnhardt died in a crash in the last lap at the Daytona 500, and now, seven years later, it isn’t hard to believe a biopic has been put into motion to tell the NASCAR driver’s life story.

Producers Douglas Wick and Lucy Fisher made the deal and have been given the blessing by Earnhardt’s widow, Teresa, and son Dale Jr. even though their relationship is strained — he left DEI after his stepmother refused his request for majority control.

Earnhardt was known for his signature black Chevrolet donning a big number 3. he won seven NASCAR Winston Cup titles, 76 career races and more than $40 million in purses, finally winning Daytona in 1998 after losing the race 20 times. Variety reports that Earnhardt’s popularity in the race world was so big that just before his death 25% of NASCAR’s $1.1 billion in merchandise sales were devoted to him. All of these stats let you know just how much of a tragedy to the world of NASCAR it was when he died.

As of now the picture is just an idea as it has no writer, director or star and the producers may wait until everything is in place before shopping it around.


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