First Five Minutes of ‘Teeth’

Are you ready for some vadge chomping fun in the form of the feature film Teeth? A film about a high school girl who has teeth in her vagina? Well, along with the four clips I have online right here, you can now watch the first five minutes of the film below.

Teeth hits theaters this Friday. My review is coming soon, but I can tell you the film itself ain’t half bad, it just depends on how twisted your humor level is because it is dick-chomping terror for any man used to the warm comforts of… Okay, just watch the clip.

Oh, and I added a larger version here.

High school student Dawn works hard at suppressing her budding sexuality by being the local chastity group’s most active participant. Her task is made even more difficult by her bad boy stepbrother Brad’s increasingly provocative behavior at home. A stranger to her own body, innocent Dawn discovers she as a toothed vagina when she becomes the object of violence. As she struggles to comprehend her anatomical uniqueness, Dawn experiences both the pitfalls and the power of being a living example of the vagina dentata myth.


Marvel and DC