The Film ‘Sweeney Todd’ Audiences Thought They Were Going to See

I was recently discussing this odd phenomenon that people were actually going to see Sweeney Todd and were ultimately pissed off to find out it was a musical. I know the trailers have been relatively deceptive, but there is singing in pretty much all of them that I can remember. I am also surprised that there would be that many people that didn’t actually know “Sweeney Todd” is a Broadway musical. It isn’t like it is new or anything… I mean Angela Lansbury starred in the damn thing and she is looking like an old prune now.

One of Hollywood Elsewhere‘s commenters even says they heard someone say, “Why are they talking like that? Why are they talking like that?” in their screening. I honestly hope that person had someone there to help them walk because that person must be one of the dumbest individuals alive.

On top of that, is it really so terrible to watch a musical? If so, then I feel sorry for those that can’t appreciate this film because it is absolutely wonderful, and one I hope to see again in the theater for a third time before its run is up.

Anyway, I found this little gem online and while it isn’t exactly perfectly constructed I think it represents particularly well what people thought they were going to be seeing instead of what they ended up seeing.


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