‘National Treasure’ Dominates Friday and ‘Walk Hard’ Tanks

Sorry folks, but I think I am the only one that doesn’t think Judd Apatow is the greatest thing to happen to movies since sliced bread. Sure, I liked 40-Year-Old Virgin, but I thought Knocked Up and Superbad were a pair of highly overrated comedies and perhaps reality has finally hit home as Apatow’s latest production Walk Hard suffered a massive blow this weekend after what has seemed like a year long marketing plan, but let’s work our way down shall we?

The Friday box-office estimates show Nicolas Cage having his best day at the box-office ever as National Treasure: Book of Secrets opened to an estimated $18.5 million, which is $1.2 million more than Ghost Rider earlier this year and $4 million more than any day for its predecessor.

I Am Legend held strong in its second weekend with an additional $13.2 million bringing its total to $116+ million in its first week. Alvin and the Chipmunks also stayed strong with another $9.1 million on its way to an estimated $32 million for the weekend, which will bring the live-action/CGI animated feature to over $87 million in its first two weeks.

As for the other newcomers this weekend, outside of National Treasure, Sweeney Todd did quite well as it is only showing on 1,249 screens and still managed an estimated $3.95 million and is estimated to hit $12.1 million for the weekend. However, the other newcomers aren’t smiling so brightly.

Charlie Wilson’s War opened to a weak $3 million, P.S. I Love You scored even worse with $2.2 million and Walk Hard layed the golden egg bringing in only $1.4 million on 2,650 screens and is estimated to bring in only $4.2 million for the weekend. OUCH! Even the Vatican’s enemy, The Golden Compass is expected to beat it.

Here are Fantasy Moguls early 3-day estimates:

  1. National Treasure: Book of Secrets – $59,200,000
  2. I Am Legend – $41,075,000
  3. Alvin & the Chipmunks – $32,025,000
  4. Sweeney Todd – $12,100,000
  5. Charlie Wilson’s War – $9,760,000
  6. P.S. I Love You – $7,200,000
  7. The Golden Compass — $4,739,260
  8. Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story – $4,250,000
  9. Enchanted — $4,111,647
  10. Juno — $2,656,500


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