‘I Am Legend’ Proves America Loves Will Smith


Our very own Box-Office Oracle is going to get the #1 position and #2 positiong correct this week for sure, but boy was he off on the dollars. He should have learned when he saw all the people lined up to see our screening of I Am Legend, but I am not sure if anyone could have predicted this kind of success.

Laremy guessed the new Will Smith apocalyptic thriller would bring in $39.6 million this weekend. Well, it has already managed $28.3 million on Friday alone and is now estimated to potentially bring in upwards of $73.7 million this weekend! Yeah, that is a lot of cheese for a horror flick and if it manages to hit that mark it would come in just behind The Simpsons Movie ($74.0 mil.) at #21 on the all-time best opening weekend list. I must admit, this makes it look as if though Will Smith has turned into box-office gold. Is anyone more bankable at this moment? I think not.

The insanity doesn’t end there however. Fox’s Alvin and the Chipmunks has already matched Laremy’s prediction to the T with $13.2 million on Friday and is expected to pull in upwards of $38.4 million for the weekend. This number would bitch slap Paramount’s over-hyped Beowulf by nearly $11 million. Take that 3-D CGI mo-cap lovers.

The Golden Compass continues to shit the bed as it looks to drop more than 50% from last week’s number with $3 million on Friday and a projected $10.2 million for the weekend.

Laremy will be here Sunday with the full recap, but for now here are the rest of Fantasy Mogul’s 3-day projections based on Friday’s numbers:

  1. I Am Legend (Warner Bros) – $73,710,000
  2. Alvin and the Chipmunks (Fox) – $38,425,000
  3. The Golden Compass (New Line) — $10,217,500
  4. Enchanted (Disney) — $6,825,000
  5. No Country for Old Men (Miramax) — $2,836,416
  6. This Christmas (Sony) — $2,523,050
  7. Fred Claus (Warner Bros.) — $2,396,124
  8. Perfect Holiday (Yari Film Group) – $1,950,000
  9. August Rush (Warner Bros.) — $1,939,015
  10. Beowulf (Dreamworks/Paramount) — $1,785,000