AMPTP Estimates Money and Someone Finally Catches Up With Me

The AMPTP has added a dollar counter to their site as previewed above detailing how much they estimate the current writers strike is costing writers. They base their estimate using the following scenario:

Estimated losses are based on data supplied by WGA West on initial compensation paid to its members in 2006. For the purposes of this estimate, last year’s reported initial compensation of $1,051,320,000 is averaged over a 365-day year beginning when the WGA went out on strike on Nov. 5.

Pushing all that aside (because it is hardly the point) I am finally proud to announce that a major news outlet has caught up with what I have been saying for the past two months. Take this quote from Patrick Goldstein of the L.A. Times:

The studios don’t want to make any concessions to the Writers Guild of America that would set a precedent for the SAG negotiations. In fact, many insiders believe the studios are trying to crush the writers as a way of signaling to SAG members that they can expect similar treatment if they don’t soften their negotiating stance.

If you read the article I posted last night, and I am assuming that since it didn’t have Batman in the title a lot of you didn’t, you will notice that this is exactly what I have been saying all along. I even mentioned it to Jason Reitman when I interviewed him (that interview will arrive some day) and even he had to consider it, even though he still believed the strike would end before the year is up. I think we all know that ain’t happening now.

Goldstein also offers up some alternatives for the WGA that are interesting, I just wonder if any of them would work. Would people tune in regularly to the Internet to get their television? Check out the full article here.


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