New Proyas Film Brings on Nicolas Cage


Alex Proyas hasn’t done a film since 2004’s I, Robot and while some Isaac Asimov fans may be saying ‘good riddance’ I for one am happy to announce he isn’t done making films yet as he will begin filming Knowing in March in Melbourne, Australia. Unfortunately he has just signed Nicolas Cage to star in the feature, so that puts a damper on things, but nevertheless the man that brought us The Crow and Dark City is about to bring us another thriller.

In the film Cage plays a teacher who examines the contents of a time capsule unearthed at his son’s elementary school. Startling predictions in the time capsule that have already come true lead him to believe the world is going to end at the close of the week and that he and his son are somehow involved in the destruction.

Novelist Ryne Pearson pitched the film and penned the first draft before it was rewritten by Stiles White and Juliet Snowden with Proyas and Stuart Hazeldine completing the most recent draft.

Summit Entertainment is set to finance and distribute.