Gyllenhaal and Biel Get ‘Nailed’ for David O.

I interviewed David O. Russell way back when I Heart Huckabees was released and since then he has made nothing more than an Iraq War short that no one saw. However, the Three Kings helmer is set to change that story as he is set to direct Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Biel in Nailed. Russell will co-write the screenplay with Al Gore’s daughter, Kristin Gore.

In the film Biel would play Sammy Joyce, a socially awkward small-town receptionist who has a nail accidentally shot into her head by a clumsy workman, eliciting wild sexual urges.

The uninsured Joyce goes on a crusade to Washington to fight for the rights of the bizarrely injured. She meets an immoral congressman (Gyllenhaal) who takes advantage of her sex drive and capitalizes on her crusade as Joyce heads into her own career in politics.

Before you go shouting from the rooftops, neither Gyllenhaal or Biel have officially signed for the feature as they are currently only attached to star. Their involvement depends on a variety of factors including commitments to other features and I am sure the writers strike.


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