Fincher Tapped for ‘Killer’ of a Film

I guess my teaser above isn’t 100-percent accurate since David Fincher just wrapped production on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which I don’t expect to be all dark and brooding in traditional Fincher style, but we can hope. As for this new flick, Paramount Pictures has just acquired the rights to Matz’s graphic novel “The Killer” as a directing vehicle for Fincher.

The script is being written by Allesandro Camon who is still at work adapting the Robert Ludlum novel “The Chancellor Manuscript”, which Leonardo DiCaprio was at one time attached to star in (not sure if he still is though).

“The Killer” is about a top assassin suddenly plagued by his conscience and a highly competent cop hot on his tail. The original graphic novel debuted in France in 1988.


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