‘Mad Max 4: Fury Road’ Revs Its Engines

While the talk of the town is centered on who will star in George Miller‘s Justice League it appears the director has his fingers in another project as well as Moviehole is reporting that Mad Max 4: Fury Road is moving forward and so is Happy Feet 2.

A scooper tells the site, “Kennedy Miller is dancing with VFX and animation houses for both Mad Max 4 and Happy Feet 2. As far as I know the plan is to do all the animation for Happy Feet 2 in Australia, but not necessarily at Animal Logic (who did the first one). I’d guess that Mad Max 4 will be shot in Namibia as per the original plans (blown out by the Iraq invasion). In terms of release time – it took 4 years to make the original Happy Feet.”

The original Mad Max was one of the films credited with bringing Mel Gibson into the limelight, not to mention bring Miller to Hollywood. However, while Miller will will take part in the new film word is that Gibson will not as they are looking for a younger face to fill the part.

When will it all get underway? Who really knows, but if Justice League is truly the cluster fuck it seems it is, Max may be riding sooner than you think.


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