Liotta, Morales, Cruz Walk ‘La Linea’

Ray Liotta, Esai Morales and Valerie Cruz are set to star in James Cotten’s La Linea with Andy Garcia in early talks to play the small but pivotal role.

The pic is loosely based on the infamous Arellano Felix drug cartel and Liotta will play a veteran Los Angeles-based assassin who is hired to kill him. Cruz will play Olivia, a meth addict living in Tijuana who is struggling to kick the habit for the sake of her daughter. The role Garcia would play is a small but pivotal role of an ill kingpin of a Tijuana drug cartel whose violent lieutenant (Morales) takes over the operation and becomes a loose cannon.

On top of these names, Armand Assante, Joe Morton, Danny Trejo, Kevin Cage and Jason Connery are in final negotiations to join the ensemble cast.

Filming is scheduled to begin Oct. 16 in Los Angeles and Tijuana.


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