Box-Office Wrap-Up: Sep. 21 – Sep. 23

Against no competition it seems like you can pencil in the horror/thriller genre to open around $25m. Halloween pulled it off, and now Resident Evil: Extinction has too. As long as you’re not Captivity you’re golden.
#1 movie predicted correctly: Two Weeks In A Row
This did 20% better than I thought it would. I attribute all of that money to the success Ali Larter is having with Heroes. No, not really, but I’m paid the big bucks for analysis.
Result: $24.0 million (My rank: #1, $4.6m off)
Why did two million people choose to see this? I wish I could see a breakdown of what parts of the country saw this; I’m thinking there could be entire cities of people that drool.
Result: $14.0 million (My rank: #2, $2.8m off)
So I was walking a dog with my wife last night and I got completely freaked out. Why? Because it’s the guy that dies!! Also, I was pretty well dialed in here, it sits at $25m total… the production budget has to be significantly more than that, right?
Result: $7.4 million (My rank: #3, $.9m off)
I feel a backlash against Christian Bale coming. I love Batman as much as anyone does but I think Christian may be taking himself a little too seriously right now. One mystery here, how did this gain 200 theaters in its third weekend?
Result: $6.3 million (My rank: #5, $.4m off)
This did a respectable $4000 per theater, but that’s nothing compared to The Assassination of Jesse James which pulled down around $29k per. The difference? This was at 1400 theaters, while Jesse James was at five. But I wanted to mention that 29k anyway, it jumps out at you.
Result: $5.7 million (My rank: #4, $.6m off)
The fact that I bingoed this (right spot, right dollars) is impressive – especially given the fact that I’ve never seen it. Maybe I should start skipping all the movies.
Result: $5.3 million (My rank: #6, Dead On)
They are now advertising this as the #1 comedy in America. But now it’s second due to Dane Cook, or third if you count The Brave One. Personally I do.
Result: $4.9 million (My rank: #7, $.7m off)
The DVD for Knocked Up is out this week, and they are releasing a “collector’s edition.” Really? Will it be worth more? Can I take it to an appraiser? Dumb.
Result: $3.1 million (My rank: #8, $.4m off)
I thought this would sneak into the ten spot but Across the Universe finished short so this got all the way up to the nine spot. $345m and counting. That’s good money.
Result: $2.7 million (My rank: Not Ranked)
Let’s all say goodbye to the latest Dragon movie to fail. You can’t count Eragon, because that ruled internationally, but you can count all the rest of ’em. Just wait until I start writing dragon novels. Then you’ll all be sorry.
Result: $2.5 million (My rank: #10, $.3m off)


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