Matthew Vaughn is Directing ‘Thor’

For anyone that has seen Layer Cake and Stardust you already know that Matthew Vaughn is a kick ass director. While he had to bail on X-Men 3 for undisclosed reasons that didn’t mean he wouldn’t be back to comic books as we learn today that he is set to direct Thor.

Variety reports Vaughn will direct a feature film adaptation of the popular Marvel Comics character, but the studio at which it will land has not been reported yet.

Thor is a blonde-tressed, hammer-wielding hero who’s sent to Earth to protect mankind. The comic first launched back in 1962.

Plan is to begin production this winter before the actors’ anticipated strike next year.

For now, rush out to the theaters to see Stardust. I know the trailers suck, but it is quite literally an impossible movie to build a trailer for, but it is really good.


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