17 New Looks at ‘Dragon Wars (D-War)’

Just today it was announced that Hyung-rae Shim’s Korean monster movie Dragon Wars (D-War) made $20+ million in five days after opening in it’s home country. I only recently added the movie and it’s international trailer to the site and it has already taken off. So, after adding the domestic trailer and now 17 new stills to the gallery of 25 I thought I should do a little write up.

The film centers on dragon-like creatures from an ancient legend who appear in Los Angeles, scale buildings, flip cars and terrorize the city in search for a girl named Sarah. While investigating one of the disaster sites, a TV reporter Ethan, uncovers a piece of debris which directly links him to this legend. Ethan must realize his destiny as an ancient warrior who was re-born to protect Sarah from the evil dragons and save the city from total destruction.

The pic stars Jason Behr, Amanda Brooks, Robert Forster, Aimee Garcia, Craig Robinson and Chris Mulkey and opens Stateside on September 14th.

To check out the stills click here or on the pic above.

Oh, and the domestic official site just went live with wallpapers, pics and other good stuff for you to check out.


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