Michael Myers Cast in Zombie’s ‘Halloween’


Rob Zombie has been busy this holiday season casting his version of the John Carpenter classic Halloween as we already know Daeg Faerch will be playing young Michael Myers at age 10 and Malcolm McDowell is set to play Dr. Loomis. Well, Zombie has gone ahead and revealed the man that will be playing adult Michael Myers and it is none other than Tyler Mane (pictured right). Here is how Zombie put it on his MySpace blog:

Here’s more exciting news for the holiday break. Adult Michael Myers will be played by TYLER MANE.

I’m sure you all remeber Tyler as Rufus from The Devil’s Rejects, Sabretooth in the X-Men and the unstoppable Ajax in Troy.

Tyler is mean, lean and ready to bring you the most psychotic Michael Myers yet.

Casting isn’t over of course, we still have to fill those shoes once occupied by Jamie Lee Curtis and if word out of Fangoria is correct those shoes may be filled by Danielle Harris (pictured right). Here is the scoop:

Word has come down that HALLOWEEN vet Danielle Harris is in talks to play the “leading role” in the film. Those two key words may mean that she is playing none other than heroine Laurie Strode herself—or if not that character, played four times in the franchise by Jamie Lee Curtis, then certainly someone of prominence.

Harris’ involvement in Zombie’s fast-moving project is sure to generate excitement amongst the hardcore fan base who have been hoping for her return since HALLOWEEN 4 and 5, in which she played Jamie Lloyd, Michael Myers’ niece. (She recently returned to the slasher genre with the Canadian entry LEFT FOR DEAD).

Stay tuned as I am sure we will be hearing word soon. Halloween is set to open on October 31, 2007.

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