Jane Boards Darabont’s ‘Mist’


Some casting news has just popped up over at UGO who were speaking with Thomas Jane as he was out and about promoting the latest release of The Punisher: Extended Cut on DVD. There had been rumors that he would be starring in Frank Daranbont’s screen adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Mist.” Well, the rumors are true, here is the scoop as it came about in the interview:

UGO: Speaking of future projects, what’s the latest on you joining Frank Darabont for his adaptation of The Mist?

THOMAS: Well, I have an e-mail from Frank right here. Why don’t we open it and see what’s going on with The Mist? [reads] He says that he just heard my deal closed today and he’s happy and looking forward to working with me.

Wow, a in the heat of the moment scoop! Now that’s a new one.

For the complete interview click here, for more on The Punisher: Extended Cut DVD click here.

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