Box-Office Wrap-Up: Nov. 10 – Nov. 12

Go Borat! Yes, everyone in the world knew it would win but I was only like twelve percent off too. Also, I wasn’t more than $4m off on any one film. All in all it was a winning weekend for the Oracle, much like his beloved Dolphins.
#1 movie predicted correctly: One Week In A Row
Borat went big again. Now it’s Bond vs. Borat and there can be only one winner… the guy with the gun.
Result: $29.0 million (My rank: #1, $3.9m off)
One impressive thing here was the portrayal of the North Pole. It looked extremely North Poley.
Result: $16.8 million (My rank: #3, $3.8m off)
It came so close to fulfilling my prediction of second place, a lousy hundred grand short. I almost feel like writing a check to push it over the top but I only have four extra dollars.
Result: $16.7 million (My rank: #2, $3.2m off)
This is a pretty bleak opening for the only romantical one out there.
Result: $14.1 million (My rank: #4, $2.3m off)
I can’t think of one witty or interesting thing to say here. Sorry.
Result: $6.6 million (My rank: #6, $1.3m off)
Babel busts into the top ten despite my best efforts. But will it stick? I’m betting no.
Result: $5.6 million (My rank: #Not Ranked, Infinity off)
It’s now sitting at $110m and everyone can officially start patting each others backs. Also, if you had a back-end clause you can start buying cars.
Result: $5.2 million (My rank: #8, $.9m off)
Wow, no one in the world saw this, not even that creepy guy at work no one talks to.
Result: $4.7 million (My rank: #5, $4.0m off)
It’s made $46m and the budget was $40m. Now, all of that gross isn’t for the studio, but they are well on their way to calling this one good and greenlighting Prestige 2 with Nick Cannon.
Result: $4.6 million (My rank: #9, $.4m off)
Oh boy, disaster city. Crowe is now probably coming to your home to beat you up.
Result: $3.7 million (My rank: #7, $3.4m off)

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