Singer Interested in More ‘X-Men’?


ComingSoon is carrying a story that originated in The Honolulu Advertiser of all places talking about Bryan Singer, Superman and the X-Men… Of course there isn’t an actual quote in the story yet it makes some bold claims:

According to The Honolulu Advertiser, Singer acknowledged that he has also been approached to direct the fourth “X-Men” movie, but said he wouldn’t have time to take on another large-scale project before the next “Superman” gets underway. He is interested, however, in seeing the script for the “X-Men” spinoff Wolverine.

There is nothing all that surprising in any of this news, but considering the source of the information being reported is University of Hawaii Academy for Creative Media’s director Chris Lee, who was exec producer on Superman Returns, I guess we can consider it legit.

We are told to be on the lookout for the as yet Untitled Superman Returns Sequel in 2009 as it is just getting underway.

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