Dorfman Will Write ‘The Persuaders’


Hear of “The Persuaders”? If so then bully for you, if not join the club. “The Persuaders” is a hit British TV series revolving around the adventures of two rich playboys — played in the early ’70s series by Tony Curtis and Roger Moore — who mingle in exotic locales, romance women and right wrongs along the way. Curtis’ character was a street-smart entrepreneur from the Bronx; Moore played a stuffy English lord.

The show is moving from the ’70s and into the new millenium as Anger Management screenwriter David Dorfman has been brought aboard to write the feature film adaptation for Ashok Amritraj’s Hyde Park Entertainment.

Apparently Amritraj sees serious potential in the picture and sees an opportunity to set it up as a tentpole action-comedy. Hyde Park has a first look deal at Fox so I guess they will have first dibs. I guess the association with a one-time Bond (Moore) gives it some street-cred, but not much.

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