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Celebrating Betty White’s Legacy | 5 Great Roles Aside From The Golden Girls

Betty White was one of the few remaining things everyone could agree on, and now that she’s gone many are looking back at her incredible career. White may be best known for The Golden Girls, and for younger generations, The Proposal, Hot in Cleveland, and her iconic Saturday Night Live hosting gig, but there are so many other great projects that Betty White has been part of that deserve to be remembered as well.

To celebrate Betty White’s incredible life, here are five of her appearances that are currently available to buy or stream.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show

It’s one of White’s most iconic projects, but it doesn’t seem to be one a lot of younger generations are familiar with, especially compared to The Golden Girls. The show is set at a TV station and White played Sue Ann Nivens, known as the “Happy Homemaker” on television but with a saucy side off camera. The show is available to stream on Hulu, and make sure to start with Season 4 if you’re watching just for White, as the season premiere is her first episode on the show.

The Love Boat

White appeared several times on this romantic dramedy in various roles, but the most memorable was when she and her husband, Allen Ludden, guest-starred as a married couple in the episode “The Horse Lover.” White famously referred to Ludden as the one true love of her life after being wed several times before they tied the knot, and she never remarried after his death because she believed there was no one out there better than him. It’s a real treat to see the two together on screen. The Love Boat is available to stream on Paramount Plus and Apple TV.

That ‘70s Show

White had a recurring role on That ‘70s Show, appearing in four episodes in the sitcom’s fifth season as Kitty’s mom Bea, who likes to…keep her humble. This was one of the first examples of the “sassy grandma” characters White became known for in her later career, and there are some great zingers from Bea in these episodes. The sitcom is available to rent or purchase via Amazon Prime Video.

You Again

If you liked White in The Proposal, then You Again is a good movie to check out. White stars alongside Kristen Bell and Jamie Lee Curtis as they deal with the return of their high school rivals to their lives. The film is available to stream on Disney+, so it isn’t hard to find and it provides an enjoyable watch for 1 hour and 45 minutes. Also, be on the lookout for a fun cameo appearance from one of White’s previous career highlights.

Betty White’s Off Their Rockers

This was a show in which seniors played pranks on members of younger generations. White served as host and executive producer. It’s a fun, easy watch that’s great to have on in the background while you’re taking care of things. Off Their Rockers is a great representation of White’s hilarious sense of humor, which made her a beloved household name and a staple on game shows for decades. It is available to purchase on YouTube and Google Play.


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