Weisz is Ready to ‘Bloom’


I didn’t really buy into Rian Johnson‘s first major feature film Brick. I know it was widely celebrated but the high school aspect of it sort of left me feeling a bit… blah. However, there is talent there and Johnson looks like he has the chops to become one of cinema’s premier directors and with getting people such as Rachel Weisz to star in his follow-up film is a good start.

Weisz will star in The Brothers Bloom for Johnson. The con artist adventure story is about two brothers Bloom and Stephen who grow up in and out of foster homes as kids and learn to survive by becoming con men. The younger brother Bloom decides to quit their life of crime, but he’s persuaded to do one more job, swindling Penelope (Weisz) an eccentric millionairess and get in deeper trouble than they planned.

Johnson penned the script and plans to begin production in February in Europe are in place.

Weisz will next be seen in The Fountain and begins production on Noam Morro’s Smart People opposite Dennis Quaid this December.

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