Box-Office Oracle: Sep. 22 – Sep. 24


Clearly it won’t be close this weekend as a chimp with a dartboard could pick the winner here. Now if only I could find that chimp.. I know I left him around here somewhere…

#1 movie predicted correctly: Two Weeks In A Row

1. Jackass: Number Two $30.3m

I think if I saw it I would like it but I’m forbidding myself from seeing it. Some images you just can’t undo.

2. Flyboys $9.4m

I hated it. See it if you’ve never seen a war movie before, or mabye if you like boring things.

3. Gridiron Gang $8.1m

The only thing we have to fear is the Rock getting more dramatic roles. This is already really pushing it.

4. Jet Li’s Fearless $6.7m

Brad brought up a good point when he said a director like Ridley Scott should tackle a martial arts film just to see what happened. Too bad Ridley doesn’t listen to Brad’s good ideas. Also, is Jet Li fearless or is this just his movie?

5. Black Dahlia $6.2m

No one has written in about S-Jo and the naked scenes so I’m officially discounting the rumors. Match Point is still the standard for showing off S-Jo.

6. All the King’s Men 5.4m

An interesting film that I imagine no one will actually want to see. I’m not even discouraged anymore by this, some flicks just aren’t marketable.

7. Everyone’s Hero $3.7

Kid’s should be doing homework instead of seeing this. Let’s not make them dumber people.

8. The Covenant $3.2m

Is anyone else weirded out that Noah’s arc is a ship but the arc of the covenant is a stone tablet? Also, please stop using the word “literally”. That’s a message to the whole world.

9. The Last Kiss $2.7m

I haven’t met anyone else who has seen it but I’d like to just to find out if I’m losing my mind and it actually wasn’t good at all.

10. Hollywoodland $1.5m

Ben Affleck is getting awards for this movie? Really? Ben Affleck? What is the world coming to?

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