Box-Office Oracle: Sep. 1 – Sep. 4


Is it time to get this streak party started again? Maybe, it depends whether the movie about the guy running to stay alive can pull out a big V for me.

#1 movie predicted correctly: Zero Weeks In A Row

1. Crank $14.3m

I don’t have much confidence in this one but I like Jason Statham. This is the absolute desert of the movie season folks, if we can get through this together I think we’ll have a long relationship.

2. The Wicker Man $13.2m

I think we can ring the bell on Nic Cage’s title hopes. This looks bleaker than a whale’s tuckus on a moonless night.

3. Invincible $11.3m

You beat me last weekend, you little bastard, so now I curse you. I hope you die quicker than a dude who got his heart jacked out of his chest by a ninja.

4. Little Miss Sushine $10.3m

Hey now, here’s a good movie for all you good movie fans. You guys still out there? Hello?

5. Crossover $6.6m

It’s not a slam dunk, it’s not a lay-up, it’s not even a pretty pass. This is like when you all show up at the court and no one brought a ball, you all just kind of look at each other and think the other guy is an idiot for not bringing a ball, but in real life you are all idiots for even showing up. That’s what this is.

6. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby 5.2m

Rent Winter Passing this weekend instead of seeing anything. Just trust me this one time and I promise I’ll mow the lawn for you or something.

7. Accepted $5.1

I’m putting you back in the top ten! Now you screwed me over pretty well last weekend but I can forgive you because you’ve got that kid who was in Ed starring in you. Water under the bridge, knock them dead and all that.

8. World Trade Center $4.9m

Tough to call this a date movie unless you hate your date. Do you? Do you hate your date?

9. Barnyard $4.8m

Even the kids are struggling to find something decent right now. I feel you kids, I feel you, like Tupac once said.

10. Step Up $4.7m

Here’s the last top ten weekend for all you dance fans. Hey, has anyone else seen the trailer for Stomp the Yard? It looks phenomenal. See ya Monday.

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