UPDATED: First Scene of ‘Saw III’ before ‘Crank’


UPDATE: Well, it seems the marketing ploy is going even further now as I have learned that the footage of Saw III that was going to be featured in front of Crank was deemed “too intense for exhibition.” Before I say anything more I can’t help but call bullshit on this. Crank is rated-R and if this is the first scene from Saw III I have to assume it too is rated-R. Therefore a rated-R audience would not find the footage “too intense.” However, Lionsgate still has plans, better plans, to show audiences the footage as they are investigating an AgeGate/age appropriate online outlet to debut the footage. Stay tuned!

This news makes reading the rest of this article sorta silly, but scroll on down to the bottom for a little bit of fun before you move on.

I am really beginning to doubt how good Saw III is going to be, or maybe I should be doubting how good Crank is considering Lionsgate is now using Saw III footage to up the ante for another one of their films.

First they placed the dreadful teaser trailer for the third film in front of their recent release of The Descent, a film that is far better than any of the first two Saw films. Now, they are doing it again with the upcoming release of Crank, a film I was recently informed would not be screened for critics here in Seattle. While I love Jason Statham, loved both Transporter movies and I think this one looks entertaining at the very least, the move not to screen the movie doesn’t bode well for the film.

The first scene of Saw III is set to be shown exclusively in conjunction with Crank, which hits theaters September 1st. The press release goes on to say that this is the first time in Lionsgate’s history to preview an entire scene prior to its release and is especially unique due to the popularity of this highly acclaimed franchise. However, if I am not mistaken, the first scene was already shown at this year’s Comic Con. Maybe I am wrong, and since I missed it I could be, but that is what I heard.

The release goes on to say that the first scene of Saw III promises to be extremely gory and will be sure to shock viewers out of their seats. While we’re not allowed to reveal too many details, we do know that the scene showcases the first of Jigsaw’s games and will definitely satisfy fan’s craving for blood.

So there you go, if you want to ruin the first few minutes of Saw III before it hits theaters in October then go see Crank. If not, then don’t go see Crank, wait till it hits video, and then go see Saw III on October 27.

However, something that won’t ruin either film is our R-rated little audio montage presenting the myriad of ways the word “fuck” is used in Crank, click here to check that out.

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