‘Fantastic’ and ‘Incredible’ Updates


First for the quicky, ComingSoon.net and SuperHeroHype have confirmed that the title for the upcoming Fantastic Four sequel has changed slightly from Fantastic Four and The Silver Surfer to Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Surfer. The film is set to hit theaters on June 15, 2007.

The second update is a little bigger as a scooper told SuperHeroHype that “Prison Break” star Dominic Purcell appeared on New York radio station WPLJ this morning and was asked if he was up for the role of Bruce Banner, aka The Incredible Hulk, for the upcoming Marvel Studios The Incredible Hulk.

Superhero Hype! has an MP3 of the interview. I didn’t listen to it, but the site says that he “didn’t confirm or deny his involvement but the tone of his voice is pretty much a giveaway that he is at least in talks.”

If you want a listen click here.

Eric Bana played Banner in Universal Pictures’ 2003 release Hulk, which was directed by Ang Lee. Transporter helmer Louis Leterrier is directing the latest version.

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