Bijou and Two Other Girls Check into ‘Hostel 2’


Okay, this is about as much of a story as telling you I passed a kidney stone yesterday, but news has come in on the three female leads for Eli Roth’s Hostel 2 and I am having a bout of the “who cares?” with this one as it doesn’t really matter who he gets as long as they get one of two things, if not both… nude and bloody, preferably in that order and not at the same time.

As for the names of the ladies we have Lauren German. Who? Oh, she is that chick that shot herself in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake. She also had a role in Mandy Moore’s A Walk to Remember.

Next is Heather Matarazzo. Wha…? Oh, she is that girl that starred in that movie that people saw but didn’t wonder who that girl that played that one girl was. Turns out her name was Heather and she had roles in Saved!, The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, Scream 3 and The Devil’s Advocate. I am sure you recognize her from the pic to the left and I am sure you are also saying, “Oh, her name is Heather?”

Finally is the one name you will most likely recognize, but I am not exactly sure why, considering her only well known role was in Almost Famous. Nope, not Kate Hudson, here we have Bijou Phillips who last starred in Venom.

I am not judging these girls at all. I think Eli’s casting is actually a bit intriguing and Heather Matarazzo is actually a pretty good actress. Matarazzo is pretty much known as playing a nerdy girl with a talent for portraying intellect on-screen. She plays the “tag-a-long” in Hostel 2 and the real wonder is does she become the first to be offed or will she play the hero? Taking that into consideration, I will say that not a one of them is as good as Eli’s choice in the original Hostel, Barbara Nedeljakova, but… whatever…

Hostel 2 is eyeing an early 2007 release and follows three women who, while studying abroad for the summer, learn the grim truth behind the Slovakian hostel and its international counterparts. German would play a wealthy girl trying to figure out her next step in life, Phillips would be her best friend and Matarazzo will be a tag-along.

Hmmm, maybe this story was interesting.

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